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Custom designed & engineered efficiency solutions

Smartrax couldn’t have been born any more Australian ‐ Two good mates, a beer and a napkin. Having utilized the logistics industry throughout our entire careers, we saw a need for a quick, easy and safe solution to reduce wasted space and increase efficiency in the supply chain. On the napkin was the beginning of Smartrax.

Our patent pending frames simply slip over a standard Australian sized pallet (1165mm x 1165mm). This allows the user to double stack odd sized and fragile loads where previously you carted open, uncharged space. As soon as a Smartrax frame is used it creates another level at which to stack a pallet.

Innovative design features and adjustable frame heights makes Smartrax versatile and convenient.

We pride ourselves on genuine customer relationships and caring about the value we can provide for our clients.

We’re never too busy for an honest conversation and we’re always open to work with you toward a solution that suits your individual needs.

We have custom designed and engineered efficiency solutions for trucks, trailers, refrigerated trailers, containers and warehousing. Ask us today about our cost‐effective lease options for the Smartrax pallet frames.

If Smartrax can’t add value to your supply chain, we don’t deserve you as a customer!

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